About Me

On May 12,1982. I sat down to watch the 11pm news and that’s when they said it: “Braniff Airlines employees need not report to work tomorrow. The company has gone bankrupt.”

Just that quick, I was out of work with no other income. And it was not just myself; all my fellow co-workers were suddenly in the same situation. The worse part is that none of us had any say in Braniff’s decision to go bankrupt. All those decisions were made behind closed doors without consulting any of us employees. We all still needed to pay our bills and support our families, but we had no income.

This experience moved me to start looking for some way that any person, who is willing to work hard, could have more control over generating personal income, while enjoying the freedom that comes with choosing one’s own work hours without that commute each day to and from work all while not reporting to a boss each day. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that, an excellent solution had actually been around for quite some time, namely: the Internet and a laptop. As the internet is structured today, anyone with the proper training, who’s willing to work hard, and uses the proven, ethical, and legitimate techniques that can be learned here, can achieve financial success and find time for the more important things in life.

Maybe you have not been laid off yet (or maybe you have, and are looking for work…), but your current job does not pay enough to meet your basic day to day necessities.

Maybe you are a single mom or dad and wish you had more time to spend with your children. Maybe too much of your pay check goes to pay for the gas for that long commute you have to make back and forth to work each day.  What if your commute was from your bed to your laptop instead?

So while you can make a lot of money if you follow the methods, techniques, and principles you will learn from the information I will provide to you in this blog, more importantly you can find the time you need and want to do those things that are more important to you in your life.

This blog is dedicated to making that information easily available to any and all our visitors who wish to learn how to earn a full-time income while working part-time from home using the Internet and your laptop,  If that’s you, then by all means, welcome to my blog!


Raymond Knowles, CEO and Founder, RaymondKnowles.org