Homonym Words Dictionary

Hi, I’m Ray, the creator and developer of Homonym Words Dictionary.

Why The Name Homonym Words Dictionary?

Most of the words that this first version of Homonym Words Dictionary will check in a given document are not just homonyms (a single word with more than one meaning) but are homophones, (different words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have very different meanings).  The word homophone may be  less familiar to someone trying to learn English as a second language, or even to a very young English speaking student.

Rather than call our product Homophone Words Dictionary or Homograph, Heteronym, or Synonym Words Dictionary, we chose the word that a lot of folks use when they are really talking about homophones and that most commonly used word is homonym.

We wanted our clients to be able to more easily find what they are looking for and then, once they have our product, we will happily give them more than they asked for in future versions where homographs, heteronyms, synonyms and more can be explored.

Homonym Words Dictionary will continue to be an ongoing educational experience for all of our clients, present and future.

Whether you are  a Professional who teaches English, a person studying English as a second language, or just a student who has to go to English class at school every week, Homonym Words Dictionary can help you master the English Language.

One troublesome problem peculiar to the English language is that it’s loaded with homophones, words that sound the same but have very different, unrelated meanings, and spelling.  For example:

Dew ewe sea anything wrong withe ant Sally’s shoos?

I personally use Microsoft Word because I think it’s one of the best word processors on the market today, yet errors like those in that sentence above will slip through undetected without Microsoft  Word ever telling me that anything is wrong.

Homonym Words Dictionary, on the other hand, if installed on your computer, would correct this sentence to read: “Do you see anything wrong with aunt Sally’s shoes?”

When you load the Homonym Words Dictionary software onto your computer, it will install itself automatically into your word processor, and, as you can see in our video presentation below, when you activate it with a simple mouse click, it will check each sentence you type, show you any homophone errors, and display the correct word to use,  and leave you with a completely corrected document, totally free of any homophone errors.

There is no other product available on the market today that even comes close to performing all the functions available at your fingertips in Homonym Words Dictionary.  Incredibly, this product costs much less than the best word processors on the market today that don’t even check for homonym errors.  You will be paying nowhere near what this product is worth if you purchase your own personal copy right here today.   We use PayPal to handle your purchase securely and safely, or you can use your debit card.

Teachers, and especially non English speaking students who are trying to learn the English language, will greatly benefit from this program. The video below shows you exactly what this program will do for you. You may want to click the full-screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video.  Click the Buy Now Button below to immediately get your copy.  Once your payment is received, your software and installation instructions will be sent to your email address including a 30-Day money back Guarantee. 

For a demo on each of the major functions of Homonym Words Dictionary, please click on each of the links below.  Enjoy!






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