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  • Grammerly $29.95/mo
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  • Open Office: Free
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  • Homonym Words Dictionary $47.00
    • Searches for finds and corrects Homophone/Homonym errors: provides definitions of all found homonyms/homophones with proper usage examples. Provides access to over 3,000 homonyms’ no limits on size of documents submitted for review. One time payment and you own it for life! Monthly subscription fee to be scheduled in the near future…

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Are You Making These Mistakes In English?

Raymond Knowles’ unique system corrects the errors your spell checker can’t fix and gives you what you really want: a document that makes you look good and that you can confidently submit to anyone without fear of rejection due to obvious homonym errors. 

Just think about it,  how many times, without even being aware of it, have you or someone you know, used the word “too” instead of “to”, or “there” instead of “their”, or “your” instead of “you’re” 

These are examples of homonym and homophone errors. You already know that the person who reads any documents you submit, without even seeing you, will form an opinion of you, based solely on how well your document is written. 

Knowles’ system will find and correct any misused homonyms in a document. That will give you the best possible chance, and the edge you need, to present yourself as the informed, bright, and knowledgeable person you must be just to get noticed these days, not to mention being considered for anything. 

If you are an ESL instructor, this tool will add to your students’ overall understanding of how homonyms function, making your job a lot easier. Isn’t that what you really want? 

Why These Mistakes Get Past Your Spell Checker 

The problem with spell checkers is that they don’t check for homonym/homophone errors.  They only check for spelling errors. If the homonym is spelled correctly, even if it is the incorrect homonym, your spell checker is not programmed to check any further for contextual accuracy, but Knowles’ system does so automatically. 

If you visit   you’ll see hundreds of real examples of common homonym errors. Here are two examples from this site.  Can you spot the errors in these phrases? 
1) …various personal affects will be on the chopping block… 
2) …inspiration from Calvin Klein and Fently Puma based on their brightly colored palate.) 
If you chose the words “affect” and “palate” as being improperly used, you are correct. Errors such as these showed up on public billboards, in documents from members of Congress, in leading national news magazines, on placards in national parks, and several other embarrassing locations. These two ads (using “affects” and “palate”) were seen by millions of people; not a good recommendation for the authors… 

(Just for the record, “palate” refers to the roof of the mouth and “palette” refers to a selection of colors. 
To “affect” change means to have an “effect” on change. If you mean “bring about change,” you would use “effect”.  (Knowles’ system picked up on these errors immediately and corrected them.) 
The examples you just saw at  do not include the thousands of resumés for employment, essays from students at school, business proposals and all sorts of other documents that are submitted around the world daily.  There are plenty of homonym errors to go around!  

Knowles’ system 1) helps you to avoid the disappointment, frustration, embarrassment,  
and aggravation that comes from submitting improperly written documents. Instead, 2) his system puts you in the best possible position for success by showing you how to produce finished documents that are free of homonym errors. Which of those two scenarios do you prefer? Hopefully you prefer both! 

What Knowles Has Done To Solve This Problem 

Knowles has always been fascinated by words, their pronunciation, their spelling, and how they fit together to form sentences. 

As an Honor Roll student in Junior High School, English was always his favorite subject. He was chosen two years in a row to represent his Junior high school in the National Spelling Bee competition. 

His love of language was one of the main factors that moved him to learn three languages besides English, and propelled him into a career of public speaking after finishing High School. 

He has spoken before audiences numbering more than 10,000 people on various subjects ranging from religion, science, history, government, the environment, world peace, marriage, bloodless surgery, and mental health just to name a few. 

His speaking engagements have taken. him to countries as far away as Africa, islands of the Caribbean and various cities across the United States. 

Ironically it was his love of the written and spoken word that brought this homonym/homophone issue to his attention. So, he created a system that would correct this problem. Exactly what does it do? 

Well suppose you had your own personal electronic tutor that was programmed to check out every homonym in your document. 

And what if this tutor would display the definition for each one of these homonyms so you could simply insert the correct one directly into your document with just the click of your mouse?  Would that be helpful to you? 

And the cherry on top: You would be receiving an ongoing, continuous education. You would be learning what these words mean along with when and how to use them correctly. 

Currently there are more than 3,000 homonyms in Knowles’ system database.  Actually that electronic tutor does all the above and more and it’s available to you right here, right now today!

I’d Hate To Be A Horse In A Cowboy Movie 

I enjoy a good western like Bonanza every now and then and so I’ve seen a lot of good guys catch a lot of bad guys. But then there are the horses. The silent, non-complaining, obedient, patient horses. 

The cowboy ties his horse to the hitching post and goes into the saloon, washes down a couple beers, swaps a few tall tales with the ranch hands at the bar and then he decides it’s time to go home.  

So, he goes outside and sure enough there’s his horse.  He’s had no water and no feed to munch on. He’s just standing there with his head down waiting for the cowboy to come. 

The cowboy climbs on the horse’s back, spurs him a couple times and says, “Giddy-up!” and the horse slowly trots away and he just keeps on trotting until the cowboy gets to his ranch where finally the horse can get some water, maybe some hay, and then he’s finished for the day. 

I looked at my wife and said, “Man, that poor horse!  He has no life of his own…he can only do what others tell him to do, whether he likes it or not.” I looked at my wife again and said, “I’d hate to be a horse in a cowboy movie!” 

But there is a positive side to this story: Knowles’ system is a lot like that horse. It just sits there silently behind the scenes; just a little icon in your toolbar at the top of your screen. Nothing happens until you click the icon. 

The Solution Is So Simple

Once you click it, it goes into action and looks at every single word in your document to see if that word is a homonym or homophone and if not, it just keeps looking, line-by-line, word by word, until it finds one and then it automatically displays the different meanings for you thus making it extremely easy for you to select the right one. and then it quickly finds the next one for you. 

Just like the horse in the movie, it just keeps working, never complains, and is always ready to go. In no time your entire document is finished. 

What better friend could you ask for?  You can take him home with you today. He’s called 
Homonym Words Dictionary. 

So never get embarrassed by submitting that essay, resumé, homework assignment or business proposal that you think is perfect because you used your spell-checker. Take a minute and use Knowles’ system and while you’re at it, make it available to your students and friends as well. It’s simply not worth running the risk of creating a bad reputation for yourself by producing a document with homonym errors when this solution is so simple! 

And by the way, several thousand more homonyms, homophones and other challenging words are scheduled for inclusion into Homonym Words Dictionary and our Premier Group members will get them all and more for free. 

Once our member quota for our Premier Group has been reached, the program will be available on a monthly subscription basis only. Now is the time to get in and pay only once for a lifetime membership. Homonym Words Dictionary will continue to be an ongoing educational experience for all of our friends, present and future.

For a free demo, pricing, and to order your copy, click this link. (We use PayPal for your security, or you can use your credit or debit card also if you do not have PayPal.) 

Homonym Words Dictionary Team 

PS: Compared to the cost of word processors such as Microsoft Word and similar products, Homonym Words Dictionary is surprisingly affordable. Get your copy today!

Homonym Words Dictionary

Hi, I’m Ray, the creator and developer of Homonym Words Dictionary.

Why The Name Homonym Words Dictionary?

Most of the words that this first version of Homonym Words Dictionary will check in a given document are not just homonyms (a single word with more than one meaning) but are homophones, (different words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have very different meanings).  The word homophone may be  less familiar to someone trying to learn English as a second language, or even to a very young English speaking student.

Rather than call our product Homophone Words Dictionary or Homograph, Heteronym, or Synonym Words Dictionary, we chose the word that a lot of folks use when they are really talking about homophones and that most commonly used word is homonym.

We wanted our clients to be able to more easily find what they are looking for and then, once they have our product, we will happily give them more than they asked for in future versions where homographs, heteronyms, synonyms and more can be explored.

Homonym Words Dictionary will continue to be an ongoing educational experience for all of our clients, present and future.

Whether you are  a Professional who teaches English, a person studying English as a second language, or just a student who has to go to English class at school every week, Homonym Words Dictionary can help you master the English Language.

One troublesome problem peculiar to the English language is that it’s loaded with homophones, words that sound the same but have very different, unrelated meanings, and spelling.  For example:

Dew ewe sea anything wrong withe ant Sally’s shoos?

I personally use Microsoft Word because I think it’s one of the best word processors on the market today, yet errors like those in that sentence above will slip through undetected without Microsoft without Word ever telling me that anything is wrong.

Homonym Words Dictionary, on the other hand, if installed on your computer, would correct this sentence to read: “Do you see anything wrong with aunt Sally’s shoes?”

When you load the Homonym Words Dictionary software onto your computer, it will install itself automatically into your word processor, and, as you can see in our video presentation below, when you activate it with a simple mouse click, it will check each sentence you type, show you any homophone errors, and display the correct word to use,  and leave you with a completely corrected document, totally free of any homophone errors.

There is no other product available on the market today that even comes close to performing all the functions available at your fingertips in Homonym Words Dictionary.  Incredibly, this product costs much less than the best word processors on the market today that don’t even check for homonym errors.  You will be paying nowhere near what this product is worth if you purchase your own personal copy right here today.   We use PayPal to handle your purchase securely and safely, or you can use your debit card.

Teachers, and especially non English speaking students who are trying to learn the English language, will greatly benefit from this program. The video below shows you exactly what this program will do for you. You may want to click the full-screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video.  Click the Buy Now Button below to immediately get your copy.  Once your payment is received, your software and installation instructions will be sent to your email address including a 30-Day money back Guarantee.  Enjoy!

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Raymond Knowles, Owner and Founder

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Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is the business of selling other people’s products for a profit.  While there are several of sources online where you can find products to sell, One of the best known sources is ClickBank.

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Obviously some work is involved. You will need to learn how to generate traffic and drive that traffic to the product website for download. You will also need to learn how to choose the best product to sell.

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— Sell This Online And You Will Always Make Money!

Do you remember the Segway?*  Beautiful machine, fantastic idea…This amazing personal transportation vehicle was Invented in 1982 by Dean Kamen. Just as the automobile owns the highway, Mr Kamen’s dream was that by now the Segway would rule and dominate our sidewalks, however that never happened. Why?

It appears that while Mr. Kamen had an excellent product and an excellent idea,  large segments of the population were just not ready or interested in purchasing a Segway.  How about you even today; do you want to pay $800+ for a Segway?

Mr Kamen’s dream may still come true eventually, but we can take away a valuable lesson from his  experience: People are only going to buy what they want to buy when they want to buy it.  Our chances of making a sale rise dramatically when we already know ahead of time what people want to buy and then sell it to them!

If, for example. a thirsty crowd is looking for some cold sodas and you set up a cold soda stand directly in front of that crowd, what do you think your chances would be of making some sales? Right! You could probably sell every soda you had!  That’s because you know what your customers are looking for and you were right there to give it to them when they wanted it.

That’s the way Affiliate Marketing works.  If you know what people are looking for and want to buy and you are there to give it to them, you will do very well financially.

So back to the title of this post:  What must you sell online to make money every time? The answer is very simple: Sell what you already know the people want to buy!

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— How You Can Always Know What To Sell, And Sell It!

Hello Future Business Owner!

I have found that many people are reluctant to start their own online business because they feel it is too complicated and they lack the skill, expertise,  and knowledge that they believe they must have to be successful online.

Here is a trusted source that I have personally used myself that completely and thoroughly solves that problem for anyone with such fears.  Just click the link below…


Raymond Knowles – Founder and CEO of

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Hi, I’m Raymond – nice to meet you, and welcome to my new blog!

After years of struggling, I’ve finally decided to take some massive action…

So on this blog, I’ll be documenting my findings from my new journey into the Internet Marketing industry – including what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between.

I’m all about giving value, so stay tuned for my step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and helpful tips to help you make your first money online.

Finally, to learn more about me, my story and how I’ll be helping you achieve your goals, please check out my About Me page.

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