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Do you remember the Segway?*  Beautiful machine, fantastic idea…This amazing personal transportation vehicle was Invented in 1982 by Dean Kamen. Just as the automobile owns the highway, Mr Kamen’s dream was that by now the Segway would rule and dominate our sidewalks, however that never happened. Why?

It appears that while Mr. Kamen had an excellent product and an excellent idea,  large segments of the population were just not ready or interested in purchasing a Segway.  How about you even today; do you want to pay $800+ for a Segway?

Mr Kamen’s dream may still come true eventually, but we can take away a valuable lesson from his  experience: People are only going to buy what they want to buy when they want to buy it.  Our chances of making a sale rise dramatically when we already know ahead of time what people want to buy and then sell it to them!

If, for example. a thirsty crowd is looking for some cold sodas and you set up a cold soda stand directly in front of that crowd, what do you think your chances would be of making some sales? Right! You could probably sell every soda you had!  That’s because you know what your customers are looking for and you were right there to give it to them when they wanted it.

That’s the way Affiliate Marketing works.  If you know what people are looking for and want to buy and you are there to give it to them, you will do very well financially.

So back to the title of this post:  What must you sell online to make money every time? The answer is very simple: Sell what you already know the people want to buy!

But how do you know ahead of time what people want to buy? Be on the lookout for my next post here on my blog and you will get the answer.

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