Steve Job’s, “Don’t Innovate” Strategy Makes 11K/Day for 6 Years

IN 15 MINUTES:  Your One Shot to Crack Steve Job’s Secret Strategy And Use It FOR YOURSELF.   PLUS, The Inside Scoop on What You Can Clone From a Company That Just Sold for 1.5 $BILLION-Dollars…

Hey, it’s Ray Knowles again…

You might think a behemoth like Apple is an innovation machine. That they make a killing by coming up with the latest and greatest concepts all on their own,

NOT SO.  They’re the richest copycats on the planet… you will be, too, after you show up for today’s online workshop.

They cut their risks to nothing…just as you’ll learn to do today.  They don’t innovate… and and  you shouldn’t either.

They don’t innovate, but they imitate, and they confiscate… ETHICALLY… it’s the little known secret of most online successful endeavors today.

And going forward, you’ll…

No longer have to FIGURE OUT how to develop a product people really WANT to own and use

No longer have to FIGURE OUT how to create funnels that convert

No longer have to FIGURE OUT, spend funds, or guess at what’s working TODAY

No longer have to FIGURE OUT how to “scale up” an existing business

No longer have to FIGURE OUT how to start generating a method for passive financial gain…

After you attend this workshop today, you will be able to become part of the top 1% who hardly ever come up short or take risks in their business.

You’ll see why you should use other people’s brilliance, time, finances, energy, and implementation strategies to your advantage…

It’s what Apple has been doing for years.

For example,

1) Did Apple make the first MP3 player?

Hardly. There were many successful versions on the market as Apple sat back, let others take the risk, then made the best better, and then proudly released the iPod.

2) Did Apple make the first smart-phone?

No again. They sat back, let others take the risk, made the best even better, then successfully released the iPhone.

3) Did Apple make the first tablet?

Of course not. They calmly sat back, let others take the risk, developed a prettier version, and then released the iPad.

And they DID NOT violate copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property.

Look… Starting an online business is harder than it’s ever been in the history of the Internet.

And it’s getting worse every day.

No matter what industry you go into, it’s overcrowded, ultra competitive, and prohibitively expensive.

But ninety-nine percent of Entrepreneurs are mainly just throwing time and dwindling finances at the wall, hoping something will stick.

What’s even worse is that they’re all copying each other!

It’s a DOOMED strategy to blindly bumble around in:  Small markets that CAN’T make you much money-back, even if you conquer them.

Bad products, that no amount of positive strategies can make up for.

Complex funnels with a steep and painful learning curve.

Non productive campaigns that greedily gobble up your entire budget like an afternoon snack.

Sales formulas that would baffle Einstein.

Then, out of nowhere, came this guy from behind the curtain to reveal what he’s been quietly doing in the shadows for the past 18 years that’s nothing at all like what people say you should be doing.

He sits back and quietly watches industries to see what people are ACTUALLY buying…

Then he sells identical information, in a clever new way, and is laughing all the way to the bank to the tune of over 25 $million-dollars.

Today’s Workshop is about what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and how you can copy it for yourself…

From a Dad in southern Illinois who’s done it all… everything you aspire to… and then some (like hauling in $11,428 a day for 6 straight years by giving people already available information).

So do yourself a favor.

Join me in 15 minutes and let other people do the work instead of you

There’s NO REASON to struggle for incremental gains and pitiful returns when these NEW systems and strategies are at your fingertips… freely available to you… TODAY in just 15 minutes.

Raymond Knowles, CEO and Founder,



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